Affordable Non 12 Step Rehab in Texas

Ripple Recovery Ranch is the only non 12 step rehab in Texas. It is also one of the most affordable non 12 step rehabs in the country. We are not owned by a large corporation, as many rehab facilities are. Our business model is guided by a dedication to providing the best treatment for our clients, not driving up corporate profit margins. This enables us to offer premium care in a luxury residential setting at half the price of many similar programs around the country. Still, we know the cost of care can be an obstacle.

Insurance Limitations

More and more insurance companies are limiting a client’s stay in residential addiction treatment. They do this by saying there is no medical necessity. We often see a client being asked to leave treatment within 5-7 days after they have detoxed or are medically stable, according to the insurance company. If you don’t have any coverage at all, the cost of treatment makes it difficult for the average American to afford. Insufficient insurance coverage can prevent many people from getting the quality and level of care they need to establish lasting recovery from addiction.

At Ripple Recovery Ranch, providing the highest quality of care is our priority. We are committed to our clients’ long term success. This requires effective and realistic treatment plans that are guided by the client and the clinician, not the insurance company. Because we recognize the cost of quality care can be an obstacle for many people, we have established relationships with companies who can offer practical financial assistance for substance abuse treatment.


If you are seeking quality treatment and need financial assistance to support your decision to make lasting change, visit the links below. Financial assistance coupled with the most affordable non 12 step rehab in Texas opens the door to premium care for more people.

Financial Assistance for Non 12 Step Rehab in Texas. Call 800-214-4038.






My Treatment Lender uses a peer to peer network to lend money to patients for alcohol, substance abuse and eating disorders.

The SerenityLoans patient financing program is a unique treatment-specific loan option for individuals requiring financial assistance to help pay for treatment of addiction, behavioral disorders and psychiatric illnesses, created in partnership with major national banks and lending institutions.




M-Lend offers financing through contracts with the major credit card companies (Citibank, Capital One, Discover, Bank of America). Qualifying patients will automatically receive interest free financing for at least 12 months through these credit cards.