Residential Treatment is the perfect setting to develop much needed life skills.

Equine Group helps develop mindfulness skills as clients interact one-on-one with horses. Interacting skillfully with a horse requires attention to the present moment, as feedback is continually exchanged between the client and the horse.  Our Equine Group facilitator guides clients in grooming, walking, and developing a trusting relationship with their horse. This process is a calming and centering experience for the client. It reinforces the practices of mindfulness developed in many other aspects of our program.

Our Residential Treatment Life Skills Programs

Residential treatment provides the perfect setting for developing much needed life skills. As addiction takes hold, more and more aspects of a person’s life can fall to neglect. Drugs or alcohol increasingly become the preferred, and oftentimes only, coping skill. Depending on what stage of life addiction sets in, key life skills may never have been developed or may need to be relearned.


The residential treatment setting is a controlled environment. Many of life’s usual stresses are removed. Access to drugs and alcohol is also restricted. It is an ideal environment for developing new and healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges. That is not to say residential treatment is stress-free. Being in a new environment, surrounded by unfamiliar people can cause stress. The intensive work and structured schedule can also be challenging. Clients are encouraged and supported in applying healthy coping skills to these situations. As they experience success, these new skills are reinforced. A new core belief is strengthened: I can survive without drugs or alcohol.


Our life skills program helps clients develop alternative coping skills, such as art, journaling, music, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and quiet communion with nature. When confronted with challenging situations or problematic behaviors, clients are encouraged to see them as opportunities to practice new coping strategies.


Specific recovery-related life skills are explored and developed through our evidence-based Living in Balance and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention curriculum. Role-playing techniques are utilized to prepare clients for high-risk relapse scenarios. Additional areas targeted through our Residential Treatment Life Skills Program include career & education planning, interpersonal communication, personal hygiene, and personal motivation. Additionally, education regarding co-occurring psychiatric conditions and medication management prepare clients to navigate what can otherwise feel like an overwhelming healthcare picture.

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Our Mission


Ripple Recovery Ranch is a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of substance abuse disorders using evidence-based treatment methods and a holistic approach to facilitate lasting and fulfilling recovery. Our luxury residential setting on a twenty-acre nature retreat in the Texas hill country between San Antonio & Austin, combined with our team of qualified and compassionate professionals, offers an ideal environment for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to unfold. With an integrated family therapy program, a low counselor to patient ratio, & 12-months of after-care support, Ripple Recovery Ranch is committed to our clients’ success. Our 60-90 day program addresses addiction to substances such as alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, & prescription pills.