We understand the process of entering a recovery program can be a stressful time.  We have provided the lists below to help you prepare for your stay at our facility.


All items should fit into two bags:

Comfortable clothing.  (Laundry will be done on a weekly basis)

Closed-toe shoes for walking, hiking


Exercise / Gym attire

Swimsuit (in warm seasons; one-piece suit for women, shorts for men)

Warm Coat (in winter months)

Personal toiletries (such as make-up, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) in original, sealed packaging.

If bringing a razor, it must be a sturdy disposable or electric shaver

Personal medications / 30-Day supply (must be in prescription bottle with your name; all prescriptions will be approved by our medical staff and kept in the nurse’s station.  Non-prescription medications must be in original, sealed packaging.)

Reusable Water Bottle

Journal and/or sketchbook

Book(s) (subject to approval)

Musical instrument

If you intend to use tobacco products, please bring sufficient supply or make arrangements for someone to provide them to you during visitation.  Staff will not purchase or otherwise facilitate procurement of tobacco products for you.

List of important contacts (addresses & phone numbers for attorneys, doctors, and family members)

Hair curling or straightening irons will be stored by staff and checked in and out for client use.

NOTE: Please do not bring items not mentioned on this list without consulting with a staff member to verify they are allowed.


Weapons (or anything that could be used as a weapon)

Any drugs (prescription drugs must be managed by the medical staff) to include alcohol and drug paraphernalia and inhalants.

Provocative clothing (no short shorts, mini skirts, or tank tops)

Clothing that depicts or refers to sex, alcohol, or drug use

A car (transportation to/from the San Antonio airport can be arranged)

Perfume/cologne, hairspray, nail polish remover, mouthwash, aftershave, self-tanner, hair dye and any other products containing alcohol

Any products in aerosol containers such as hairspray or deodorant. Non-aerosol, non-alcohol containing hairsprays and deodorants are appropriate to bring to treatment.

Pornographic materials and/or materials where the primary focus is sexual in nature

Electronic devices or cell-phones



Food or drinks

Razors that are easily compromised.